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School #27 has adopted a school uniform policy. Each student is expected to enter school in an approved uniform each school day. Students scheduled for physical education must wear the approved gym uniform. There are occasions when students are permitted to wear regular clothes and parents will be notified in writing of non-uniform days. The school uniform policy is outlined below:

K-7 School Uniform:
• Burgundy Shirts (polo/knit button down) with school logo
• Khaki Pants

Physical Education/Gym Uniform K-7:
• Grey Top (t-shirt) with school logo,
• Burgundy Top (sweatshirt) with school logo
• Burgundy Bottom (sweatpants and/or shorts) with school logo

• Solid Black Shoes/Sneakers with black rubber soles

All uniform orders should be placed with JDM Associates located at 116 South Main Street, Lodi, NJ.
They can be reached at 973-614-0015.